The Seven Forms of Lightsaber Combat
From top left to bottom right

Form III: Soresu; The Resilience Form
Focuses on the deflection of blaster bolts, providing maximum defense but minimal offensive capabilities. 

Form V: Shien/Djem So; The Perseverance Form
Developed from Form III, still defensively minded, but instead of waiting for an opportunity to strike, the user creates their own openings. Shien is still more focused on the deflection of blaster bolts, While Djem So was developed to cater to lightsaber combat.

Form I: Shii-Cho; The Determination Form
The most basic combat form, taught to all Jedi as younglings. In combat it is untamed and raw, unpredictable in the hands of a master. 

Form II: Makashi; The Contention Form
Centered around lightsaber on lightsaber combat, it is the most elegant and precise of the forms, focusing on control and efficient movement.

Form VII: Juyo/Vapaad; The Ferocity Form
The most vicious of all the forms, Juyo requires intense internal focus, and has been restricted because of its supposed tendency to lure users to the dark side. Vapaad was an extension on Juyo pioneered by Master Windu, and is more a state of mind than a fighting style, having the user explore the penumbra of the dark side. Windu was the only practitioner to master vapaad without being seduced to the dark side of the force. 

Form IV: Ataru; The Aggression Form
An aggressive style, Ataru is well suited to one-on-one combat, but is not recommended in confined spaces, due to its inclusion of force acrobatics.

Form VI: Niman; The Moderation Form
Niman is a balanced form, taking elements from every other form to create a style with practically no weaknesses, but also no advantages.

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