Traded passwords with my friend again.

Made a running log on the side! I’ve pretty much moved there.

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My friend and I changed passwords. I need a break.

Bye for now!

Got all my classes the minute the server opened.


"I observe life more than I live it."

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“A lesson without pain is meaningless, for you cannot gain anything without sacrificing something else in return. But by enduring and overcoming that pain, you will gain an irreplaceable fullmetal heart.”

“A lesson without pain is meaningless, for you cannot gain anything without sacrificing something else in return. But by enduring and overcoming that pain, you will gain an irreplaceable fullmetal heart.”

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"Why does my life suck?"


"My girlfriend recently broke up with me, I only have 3 real close friends and I’m afraid that they avoid me because I’m always sad and depressed. Please, help me."

Since you started with the break up of your ex-girlfriend, I will do the same. Nobody enjoys break ups, nobody. But I will also remind you that break ups are normal when you are young. It all depends on how you approach and fix the problem. I know, feeling sad and depressed isn’t fun at all. But keep in mind that these things can be the biggest motivators in life. Things that will make you realize that you’re in need of self-improvement.

One of the first things people do after a break up, is to shower longer and more often. Change toothpaste, get a new toothbrush, and whiten their teeth by brushing more often. Caring for yourself is the first step in getting others to care for you. You shower and shave twice a day, you groom yourself more carefully, you dress neater and better, from head to toe.

You will start exercising to improve yourself, your biceps will swell, your stomach will ripple, you will stand straighter, you will stand taller. Your posture will improve, and your speech will sharpen.

You might start to read more often, you might catch yourself at a local library reading non-fiction and self-help books to improve yourself more. Your self-confidence will improve with your pride in yourself.

Comedy will be key in finding your cheer. You will start watching movies and TV shows more often.

When you meet a girl, you will not be as needy. You’ll be so independent, it will have her seeking you.

You’ll start spending more money on YOURSELF. Remember, the message is that YOU’RE WORTH IT.

If you work, start working harder. Work is sometimes the only place one has order in their life and it’s the one place where you can control your life. So what happens when you start working more often? You will make more money to spend on yourself. What happens when you work harder? You will rise in respect and position. You’re doing better, and working harder at work.

If you feel like your friends don’t appreciate you and you don’t want to bring your negativity around them, you will learn to be yourself more than ever. But you will not be alone, you will reach out to be better. You will find new and possibly better friends than before.

If you make yourself do things you don’t want to do because you think you should do it. You will gain self-discipline and confidence.

Trust me, feeling down is the key to rising up. Losing yourself is a step to finding yourself. A person who is always happy and content will never feel the need to change and grow.

You will make many decisions in life. Do you give up and start doing drugs to numb yourself? Or will you decide that you are a man that never quits. You’re going to find out who you are, good and bad. Then you’re going to have a vision of who you want to be. You will start to develop steps to reach your goals. You will begin to grow again, as a person.

You’ll start to be pure again, you won’t pretend anymore. You will genuinely be yourself. You will be come a true friend, one with true friends. You will become someone who loves, and is loved. You will be the person you were born to become. You will make it happen by faith in yourself, self-discipline, and seeking the path always to take.

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"Hearts are wild creatures, that’s why our ribs are cages."

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